Primer Sander

SB1300MV-MM-CX Heavy-Duty Primer Sanding Machine

Sanding with a primer sander is a crucial step after laying on the primer (a.k.a. undercoat). The goal is to get the primer smooth so when you put on topcoat, it is smooth as well.

Features of Primer Sander
1. This primer sanding tool is typically used to smooth away any defects including scratches and brushstrokes from the primed surface of wood, window and door frames, sandwich panels, and furniture.
2. Can sand both flat and contoured surfaces.
3. Large-diameter sanding rollers are used to reach deep into recessed surfaces of the workpiece.
4. Workpiece is held down on a table-top conveyor delivering variable conveying speed to match varying line speed.
5. Each sanding unit can be changed out when a different sanding grit is needed.
6. Sanding modules (assemblies or units) are independently controlled with separate VFDs to allow adjustment for optimal sanding results.
7. Imported PLC system features a touch-screen display.

Technical Specs of Belt Sander
Stock Width 100-1250mm 100-1250mm 100-1250mm
Minimum Stock Length 500mm 500mm 50mm
Stock Thickness Range 5-80mm 5-80mm 5-80mm
Infeed Speed 1-18mm 1-18mm 1-18mm
Conveyor Motor 3Kw, 1400r/min 3Kw, 1400r/min 3Kw, 1400r/min
Large Rubber Roller and Sanding Belt Assembly 1 set 1 set 1 set
Main Drive Motor 15kw, 960r/min 15kw, 960r/min 15kw, 960r/min
Sanding Belt Speed 0-14m /s (variable speed) 0-14m /s (variable speed) 0-14m /s (variable speed)
Rubber Roller Diameter x Length Φ430x1400mm Φ430x1400mm Φ430x1400mm
Flap Drum Φ350x1250mm Φ350x1250mm
Flap Drum Motor 1.5Kw, 0-10m /s 1.5Kw, 0-10m /s
Flap Drum Speed 0-12m /s 0-12m /s
Dust Collection System 1 set 1 set 1 set
Dust Collection Port Φ100x6, Φ160x1 Φ100x4,Φ160x1 Φ100x4, Φ160x1
Dust Collection Capacity Approx. 85.5Nm3/min Approx. 80.5Nm3/min Approx. 75.5Nm3/min
Working Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption Approx. 0.6Nm3/min Approx. 0.6Nm3/min Approx. 0.6Nm3/min
Power Supply 380V 50HZ TN-S 380V 50HZ TN-S 380V 50HZ TN-S
Dimensions 3800x2060x2450 3250x2060x2450 3250x2060x2450
Weight 4500kg 4000kg 3600kg
Total Power 38.2kw 36.7kw 47kw


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