4-Sided Sander

Features of 4-Sided Sander
1. Chain-driven roller conveyor
2. Only one infeed roller is used to press down the workpiece during feeding.
3. Flap sanders come with abrasive flaps (strips of sandpaper) backed up by flexible bristle brushes for sanding profiles.
4. Flap wheels on both sides and flap drums at top and bottom work simultaneously to complete the sanding job in one pass for improved efficiency.
5. Abrasive flaps are inserted into the hub of the flap drum and flat wheel for easy and quick abrasive replacement.
6. Infinitely-variable sanding speed for improved sanding results.
7. 4-sided sanding is advantageous when it comes to sanding L-profiles.

Technical Specs of 4-Sided Sander
Model No. SB350DM-W4C5
Infeed Width L1 50-350mm
Maximum Infeed Thickness L2 120mm
Minimum Infeed Length 400mm
Infeed Motor 380V 50HZ 1.1KW 1400rpm
Infeed Speed 5-15m/min
Lateral Flap Wheels 4x1.1kw 1400rpm
Top and Bottom Flap Drums 5x1.5kw 1400rpm
Total Power 13kw
Dimensions 3600x850x1900
Net Weight 1500kg


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