Buffing Machine

SB1300LMP-5B/SB1300LMP-4B/SB1300LMP-1B Buffing Machine

Features of Buffing Machine
1. Suitable for buffing and polishing various specifications of flat panels or contoured surfaces.
2. Three rotary drums come equipped with different types of spiral-sewn buffing wheels for all buffing and polishing jobs. Drum height is micro-adjustable depending on the specific buffing requirements and the wear of buffing wheels. Different abrasives can be added to the drum for distinct finishing results.
3. Motor-driven, vibrating worktable for optimum buffing effects.
4. Except the buffing drum motor, all other motors come with independent VFDs.
5. Optional wax spray system sprays on wax evenly to improve finish quality and efficiency, making hand-waxing the panel a thing of the past. Saves hours of tedious task.
6. A high level of automation for easy operation.

Technical Specs of Buffing Machine
Model No. SB1300LMP-1B SB1300LMP-3B SB1300LMP-5B
Maximum Stock Length 300-2400mm 300-2400mm 300-2400mm
Maximum Stock Width 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm
Stock Thickness Range 12-100mm 12-100mm 12-60mm
Infeed Speed
Trolley Frame Running Speed 6-10m /min 6-10m /min 6-10m /min
Rough buffing wheel speed 1000r/min x1 1000r/min x1
Precision buffing wheel speed 1500r/minX1 1500r/minX2 1500r/minX3
Buffing Wheel Size Φ350x1300mm Φ350x1300mm Φ350x1300mm
Total Power 17kw 37.8Kw 55.5Kw
Dimensions 3900x1745x2500 6450x1800x2400 7300x1800x2400
Net Weight 1900Kg 4500kg 5800kg


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