Wide Belt Sanding Machine

    1. Sanding the primer with a sanding machine is a critical step after the placement of the primer (layer). The goal is to get a smooth finish and therefore a smooth topcoat.
    1. Sanding with a primer sander is a crucial step after laying on the primer (a.k.a. undercoat). The goal is to get the primer smooth so when you put on topcoat, it is smooth as well.
    1. Chain-driven roller conveyor
      Only one infeed roller is used to press down the workpiece during feeding.
      Flap sanders come with abrasive flaps (strips of sandpaper) backed up by flexible bristle brushes for sanding profiles.
      Flap wheels on both sides and flap drums at top and bottom work simultaneously to complete the sanding job in one pass for improved efficiency.

    1. Suitable for buffing and polishing various specifications of flat panels or contoured surfaces.
      Three rotary drums come equipped with different types of spiral-sewn buffing wheels for all buffing and polishing jobs. Drum height is micro-adjustable
      depending on the specific buffing requirements and the wear of buffing wheels. Different abrasives can be added to the drum for distinct finishing results.
      Motor-driven, vibrating worktable for optimum buffing effects.

    1. Model No.: SB1300LMP-1B
      Maximum Stock Length:300-2400mm
      Maximum Stock Width :1100mm