Heavy Duty Profile Sander

Features of Heavy-Duty Profile Sander
1. We can reconfigure and rearrange various sanding wheels to adapt to different line requirements.
2. Adjustable sanding frame in 45°or 90° increment to get the best angle for sanding edges, straight lines and contours.
3. Spring-loaded hold-down ensures infeed materials are secured tightly in place during sanding without damaging their surface. For clamping down long, continuous workpiece, a pinch roller works best

    1. MM-S2W7 is a versatile profile sander that can smooth off rough edges of narrow wooden profiles from all four sides. Materials that can be sanded include floors, baseboard moldings, wood trims, door frames, door casings, staircases, and window louvers made from solid wood, PDF or aluminum profile.
    1. Model No.:MM-S3W6
      Stock width:30-220mm
      Min. stock length :820mm

    1. Model No.:MM-S4W6-2Q
      Workpiece width:30-220mm
      Min. workpiece length:820mm