Profile Sander, MME-W9

Features of Profile Sander
1. MME-W9 is a complete profile sanding system equipped with a nimble, independent conveyor system for fast conveying.
2. This profile sander retains all the practical features found in a traditional moulding sander.
3. Shortened minimum stock length.
4. Imported electrical elements. PLC system. Touch-screen display.

Technical Specifications of Profile Sanding Machine
Infeed stock – thickness 30mm
Minimum infeed length 450mm
Maximum infeed width 180mm
Maximum infeed thickness 65mm
Infeed speed 11~35m/min
Air pressure 0.6~0.8mpa
Profile Wheel Size (mm) 76x100(internal diameter x thickness)
Sponge Wheel Size(mm) 25.4x100(internal diameter x thickness)
Sanding Belt Size (perimeter x width) 840x100mm
Total Power 11.9kw
Dimensions (Lx W x H) 5750x1500x1500mm
Net Weight 2000kg


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