Light Duty Profile Sander

    1. MME-W9 is a complete profile sanding system equipped with a nimble, independent conveyor system for fast conveying.
      This profile sander retains all the practical features found in a traditional moulding sander.
      Shortened minimum stock length.
      Imported electrical elements. PLC system. Touch-screen display.

    1. Workpiece thickness:30mm
      Minimum infeed length:450mm
      Maximum infeed width:180mm

    1. Infeed thickness:30mm
      Minimum infeed length:300mm
      Maximum infeed width:180mm

    1. Effective conveying width:50mm -180mm
      Minimum conveying length:500mm
      Maximum conveying length:2500mm

    1. As the name suggests, a lateral feeder moves wood and aluminum profiles from one side of the feeder to the other side where they drop onto a series of powered rollers to carry them forward. Some may call it a 90 degree transfer conveyor as its offers a transfer(transition) from the belt conveyor to the powered roller conveyor.

    1. Featured vertical moulding stacker comes with a VFD for infinitely variable speeds and a touch-screen display for ease of control.
    1. Maximum conveying width:300mm
      Maximum conveying thickness:80mm
      Minimum conveying length:800mm