Edge Profile Sander

Features of Edge Profile Sander
1. We can reconfigure and retrofit the edge sander with various milling and rolling tools depending on different process requirements.
2. The frame is adjustable through -45°and ±90°, which suites the edge profile sander for straightening edges.
3. Milling and sanding tools are adjustable as well.
4. Spring-loaded hold-down ensures feed stocks are pressed down tightly in place without being damged. This feature is ideal when it comes to sanding long, continuous workpieces.
5. Chain-driven conveyor features infinitely variable speeds. Cylindrical guide rails keep the feed on stack.

Drawing configurations
the inner workings drawing
Technical Specs of Edge Profile Sander
Infeed width 100~1800mm
Minimum infeed length 200mm
Infeed thickness 5~80mm
Infeed speed 4.5~22m/min
Sanding belt size Circumference (C): 2060mm
Maximum width (W): 80mm
Effective sanding width 60mm
Sanding belt size Circumference (C): 840mm
Maximum width (W): 100mm
Effective sanding width 80mm
Angle of inclination for sanding roller ±90 °
Motor Power 22.98Kw
Dimensions 6800x1300x1500mm
Net Weight 3500kg


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