Edge Polishing Machine, HMP-S2L4B5

Features of Edge Polishing Machine
1. The sanding frame of our edge polisher can do edge sanding and polishing operations.
2. Variable running speed for sanding belt, polishing belt and feeding system.
3. Pinch roller is spring-loaded to ensure feed stocks are pressed down securely in place without being scratched.
4. Belt conveyor delivers great conveying capacity.
5. Polishing wheels can swing up and down to perform demanding polishing tasks.

Technical Specs of Edge Polishing Machine
Infeed Width 100~1800mm
Minimum Infeed Length 150mm
Maximum Infeed Thickness 15~80mm
Infeed Speed 1~15m/min
Sanding Belt Size Circumference (C): 2060mm
Maximum width (W): 80mm
Effective Sanding Width 60mm
Sanding Belt Speed 8~13.5m/s ( 30Hz~52Hz )
Angle of Inclination for Sanding Roller -20° ~ +90 °
Air Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Waxing system 4 units
Motor Power 15.1kw
Dimensions 6800x1300x1500mm
Net Weight 3300kg


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