Staining and Wiping Machine

Features of Stain Wiper
1. The stain wiper is mainly used to wipe water-based paint stains along the edges of wooden profiles. The staining and wiping machine ensures wood surfaces are coated evenly to give a clear wood grain that looks real and feels better than the real thing.
2. This staining and wiping machine is a combination of sanding, de-dusting and stain wiping units.

Technical Specs of Stain Wiper
Infeed Width 100~1800mm
Minimum Infeed Length 150mm
Maximum Infeed Thickness 15~80mm
Infeed Speed 1~15m/min
Sanding Belt Size Circumference (C): 2060mm
Maximum width (W): 80mm
Effective Sanding Width 60mm
Sanding Belt Speed 8~13.5m/s ( 30Hz~52Hz )
Angle of Inclination for Sanding Roller -20° ~ +90 °
Air Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Waxing system 4 units
Motor Power 15.1kw
Dimensions 6800x1300x1500mm
Net Weight 3300kg


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