Double End Tenoner, HMSD-V4K4

Features of Double End Tenoner
Model HMSD-V4K4 is a double end tenoner suitable for performing various cuts along the edges of wood profiles in one pass. Variable conveying speed ensures a steady supply of feed stocks into the machine.

Technical Specs of Double End Tenoner
Processing Width 300~2500mm
Processing Thickness 15~85mm
Tooling Outside Diameter Grooving sawsφ160~ φ 180
Cut-off Saw (left, right) φ250~ φ 300
Primary Milling Tool (left, right) φ140~ φ 160
Secondary Milling Tool (left, right) φ140~ φ 160
Tooling Inside Diameter φ24.5
Tooling Length max=125mm
Motor power 31.4Kw
Milling tool shaft rotary speed 6000rpm
Infeed speed 5.5~20m/min
Opening and closing speed of mobile base 1.4m /min
Dimensions 4565x4050x1730mm
Weight 6.5T


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