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Wood Sanding Solutions

Production Process Optimization
An overhaul of manufacturing procedure is done to simplify production of our belt sanding machine, make the best use of our equipment, and to ensure the right man does the right job.

Factory Layout Planning
Our men work together to find out the best layout and process flow for our plant. Thus, we can make sure our workers, materials, and facilities show up in the right place and do the right thing for minimized cycle times, simplified production process, and reduced production costs.

Production Management
We make sure the right production worker works in the right position along the production line and completes his or her job in the shortest possible time. Incentives are in place to encourage workers to deliver their best all the time and to complete as much work as they can.

Decision-Making Consultation
The upper management at Foshan Battles Machinery Co.,Ltd is required to consult an expert before making serious decisions on how to organize and coordinate various business activities. Decision-making consultation serves to improve our internal management and to optimize resource usage.

Production Ramp-up
Firstly we find out the bottleneck in our development. Then we solve those problems bottlenecking our production efforts, and after that, carry out production in strictly according to our plan. In this way, we can ramp up our production.

Production Information and Process Optimization
Providing the right data, process and facts about manufacturing can increase transparency and manageability. Let these data and facts speak for themselves, as they truly reflect the problems a company has. These information are valuable because they help us make better decisions in the future.

Quality Control and Improvement
Offering a fully-informed solution means we need to control and improve process and product quality overall. Especially in the design and manufacturing process, we have to avoid problems that occurred in previous operations.

Multifaceted Training and Technical Support
Our comprehensive training and technical support services allow customers to focus solely on their own business as we’ll take care of the rest. Not only are we a premier woodworking machinery supplier, but we also pride ourselves on the turnkey project services we provide, which means more flexibility and profits for your wood sanding business.

Factory Layout Solution
We help you find the best layout and process flow for your plant. We offer expert advice on choosing the most suitable model of sanding machine for a specific sanding job. Our comprehensive after-sales service means you can improve management and product quality all while cutting down on production cost. The result is higher efficiency and profitability.